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Roads | Sad Chord Progressions

Roads | Sad Chord Progressions

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Ready to explode your tracks? Get your hands on this game changing Sad MIDI Pack.  Get epic emo vibes in your tracks with these raw-emotion packed sad chord progressions.

Just drag and drop this trap MIDI kit straight into your DAW and watch the magic happen. From there, the possibilities are endless. 

Grab this Sad MIDI Pack now and turn the volume up on those emotions! Heck, let your trap melody loops do the talking, and make your beats unforgettable. 

Trap Loops Specs:

  • 5 MIDI melody loops
  • Load these MIDI files into your favorite software, explore different sounds, and create your signature emo trap soundscapes
  • 100% Royalty Free Melody Loops
  • Unlimited license, to give you the freedom to use these killer loops in as many projects as you like, without any restrictions.

Perfect for emo trap and hip hop producers
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