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ᐅ MIDI Pack | MIDI Chords & Progressions

ᐅ MIDI Pack | MIDI Chords & Progressions

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MIDI files are one of the most versatile tools you can use in your music production.

This MIDI pack will make it easy for anyone without piano keyboard skills or music theory knowledge to access chord progressions with ease so you can focus on what matters when creating music (the music itself!).

MIDI files make it easy to read and write music, experiment with no limitations and no more creative block.

This MIDI pack includes:

  • Major MIDI chords library
  • Minor MIDI chords library
  • Golden progressions Vol. 1
  • Golden Progressions Vol. 2
  • MIDI Strummer Pack, perfect for string instruments
Sample pack specs:
  •     5079 Midi Files in total
  •     180 Major Midi Chords
  •     180 Minor Midi Chords
  •     1321 Chord Progressions
  •     100% Royalty Free

Every producer should have a MIDI pack in their producer toolbox. 

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