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Lollipop | Pop Drumkit

Lollipop | Pop Drumkit

Get your hands on this free pop drum kit.
Offers a comprehensive array of seamless pop drum samples that will fire up your tracks. Expect punchy snares, tight hi-hats and earth-rumbling 808s all in one free download sample pack. 

This free drum kit download is your key to creating next-level beats, easily and effectively.
Every sound in this pop drum kit has unmatched quality.  Make your tracks pop and let the rhythm guide you.

This pop drumkit features a wide range of high-quality pop drum samples, including punchy snares, tight hi-hats, and powerful 808s. These drum samples for pop will help you take your tracks to the next level and will also work for trap and other genres. 

Pop Sound Pack specs:
  • 44 One Shots
  • 5 Claps, 6 Crashes, 6 Snares, 6 HiHats, 7 Kicks and 14 Percs
  • 100% royalty free
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