Lo-Fi Electric Guitars

Sunset Cafe
This free lofi guitars sample pack has all new happy electric guitar loops.

Contemplation, relax and happines; three words to describe the mood of this Free Lo-Fi Guitar Loops Sample Pack.

Sample pack specs:
  • 6 happy lofi electric guitar loops, recorded with real guitars
  • Creative Control Layers (Dry & Wet) –explore all the sounds of each loop and get creative.
    Speed foundation files (bass & chords) for each loop so you can add other elements with a perfect match.
  • MIDI bass & chords files for each loop
  • BPM & KEY information100% royalty free
Old Book Smell
Milk Foam
Latte Love
Golden Hour
Flatwhite Addiction
Ashtray Memories

This is the free version of the premium Sunset Café Sample Pack, a small taste of what you'll be able to make with over 200+ files and special bonuses


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