What are Speed Foundation Files?

You've got beats to make and no time to waste, right?
Cool, 'cause I've done the heavy lifting for you

The Speed Foundation Files will help you save time when making music.


You only need a couple simple steps: 

1️⃣ In your DAW, go to the Speed Foundation folder of the pack

2️⃣ Select the folder of the guitar loop you are using

3️⃣ Drag and drop the 808 guide to the channel rack where you have an 808 sample already loaded.

4️⃣Drag and drop the chords to the channel rack where you have a vst loaded.

📣  ( if you’re on playlist mode, don’t forget to drag and drop the pattern you're working on. )

5️⃣ Done!


Forget about the hassles:
❌ No more guessing the notes for the 808 or getting them wrong.
❌ No more wasting time finding the chords.
❌ Unfinished beats - Not on my watch!.

Just get straight into the fun part


Each guitar loop comes with:

🔊 808 Guide:

Pop in the 808 Guide with your loop, and boom – you have a runway of perfectly pitched notes. Minor tweaks? Sure. Major headaches? No more.

🔔 Melody Guide:

Unlock every note that complements your loop. All you have to do is have fun knowing that every note you write will sound just right.

🎹 MIDI Chords (Triads & Extended):

Picture this: no more playing loops on repeat to find the chords. One click, and you're ready to drop in your favorite VSTs. Get experimental, get wild – with every note guaranteed to slot right into place.

Enjoy a super-efficient beat-making process without friction.

Enough Talk! Your studio awaits.