What are Speed Foundation Files?

Its the heavy lifting of music production done for you

The Speed Foundation Files will help you save time when making music.

Watch how:

Forget about the hassles:
❌ Guessing the notes - Not anymore!
❌ Wasting Time finding the chords - No way!
❌ Being stuck for hours on a beat - Nope!
❌ Unfinished beats - Not on my watch!
❌ Out of tune 808 - Never again!

Just pure, effortless  creative workflow.

Each guitar loop comes with:

  •     808 Guide
  •     Melody guide
  •     Piano chords (Triads)
  •     Pîano chords (Extended).

Here's how they serve you: 

808 guide

When you drag and drop the file you'll get all the notes that match the loop so you only need to make minor adjustments to sync it with your kick.

Melody Guide

The melody guide gives you all the notes available for that loop so you don't need to guess anymore. All you have to do is have fun knowing that every note you write will sound just right.

MIDI Chords (Triads & Extended)

Forget about listening to a loop over and over again to find the chords, one click and you're ready to add your favorite vsts, experiment and have fun while making beats with every element in the right place. Try out what chords work best or combine them for a unique progression.

Enjoy a super-efficient beat-making process with all necessary elements.

Your music is your life and your passion, and you deserve to have the best tool to bring it alive.