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Small Things - Iconic Pop Punk Loops

These guitar loops will take you straight to the heart of the 2000s California scene:

  • 11 Electric Guitar Loops
  • Creative Control Layers - Easily make exciting beats that hook listeners
  • Speed Foundation Files for each loop - Work faster, finish more beats, and boost your chances of selling
At 182nd Street
She Stole My Heart And Wallet
Razorblade Love
My Downfall

Barcore - Drumkit

Drum loops and one shots that perfectly complement the Small Things Sample Pack:

  • 48 Punk Rock Drum Loops
  • 11 Hihat Loops
  • 60 One Shots - Craft your own drum patterns with versatile hits and accents
  • Creative Control Layers for each loop - Customize your beats for a truly unique sound
Happy Pills
Lace Up

Sub Demon - Bass Loops

You know no beat is finished without a hard hitting bass

  • 27 Bass Loops - Boost your tracks with powerful, punchy basslines
  • Made to Match - Designed to complement the Small Things Sample Pack seamlessly
  • Give your tracks the strong backbone they need
My Downfall Bass
She Stole My Heart And Wallet Bass
Forget My Name

Sellout - Acoustic Guitar Loops

Give your tracks the warm tones of acoustic guitars, blending raw energy and melodic vibes:

  • 8 Acoustic Guitar Loops - Add depth and character to your beats with rich, organic sounds
  • Creative Control Layers - Complete control over your music production, shaping your tracks to perfection
  • Speed Foundation Files for each loop - Boost your workflow and create more beats in less time
Delete My Number
Better Off Dead
Emotional Sickness

Glory - Modern Pop Punk Guitars

Bring new vibes to your beats, modern pop punk electric guitar loops in the style of MGK, Yungblud, Sueco, etc.:

  • 5 Modern Pop Punk Electric Guitar Loops - Create cutting-edge beats with a fresh, powerful sound
  • Creative Control Layers - Customize your loops for a unique beat that impacts people
  • Speed Foundation Files for each loop - make more beats faster
Hand In Hand
The Third Time
Demon's Eyes
Eyes Shut


MIDI files are one of the most versatile tools you can use in your music production:

  • Major and Minor MIDI Chords Library - Easily experiment with many chord options
  • MIDI Strummer Pack - Perfect for string instruments
  • 5000+ Files Total - A massive collection to fuel your creativity
$135 value

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Consistently finishing music is the key to success as a producer. By fastlaning the entire process using the speed foundation files, you'll be able to share your music with the world and truly make your mark.

Say goodbye to spending hours on the boring tasks, and start working smart to finish music lightning-fast.

This tool will get you miles ahead of other producers and gain a massive competitive edge – other producers won't be able to keep up with you.
Your music needs to impact people on a deep level. Create tracks that hook your listeners, making your friends and family beg for more of your tunes.

You know how frustrating producer's block can be. This bundle will help you avoid staring at an empty DAW.

Thanks to the creative control layers, you'll never feel stuck again. Set yourself up for success and discover your full potential as a music producer.
This bundle has all the pop punk essentials you need.

All loops are 100% Royalty Free, you get to keep ALL your profits with no hassle.

If you're not loving this sample pack, you can have your money back (that even rhymes!)

The files and samples are easy to use, just drag and drop to any DAW.

With the creative control layers and customization options, your beats will be unique, standing out from the rest --total control.

Fastlane your music production journey with this epic bundle, and leave your competition in the dust.
  • Complete pop punk essential sounds.

  • 100% Royalty Free, you get to keep ALL your profits.

  • If you don't love it, you can have your money back.

  • Just drag and drop to any DAW.

  • With the creative control layers and customization options, your beats will stand out from the rest.

  • Get on the fastlane and leave your competition behind.


Are these really royalty free?

YES. Absolutely. You get to keep all the money from your profits, and you have unlimited streams on all platforms included in the license. So no matter how big you get, it's yours to keep.

What licensing rights are included?

The license includes unlimited plays on streaming platforms Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc; beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, and similar marketplaces; placements with major artists, and everything you can think of.

What if I use a DAW that is not very popular, or an online? Will these work?

All files and loops are compatible with all major DAWs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience, no matter which software you prefer.

Can I really make unique beats with these loops, or will my tracks end up sounding like everyone else's?

The creative control layers and customization options ensure that your beats will be unique and stand out from the rest. With endless arrangement possibilities, you'll create a sound that's distinctly yours.

I'm just starting out as a producer. Will this pack be too advanced for me to use?

This bundle is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for producers of all levels, from beginners to pros. The easy-to-use drag and drop format, along with the creative control layers, will help you learn and grow as a producer.

I've been producing for a million years, and I already have a carreer in music. Will these work for me?

These loops will open up a flood of inspiration and ideas; and also a way of bringing all of them to life in a way that is both fun and fast.

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