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Doing what top producers are doing is hard AF...
Not with Brand New Samples 😎

Stay High - Emo Trap Guitar Loops

  • 15 Acoustic & Electric Guitar Loops
  • Capture the vibe of JuiceWRLD, Kid Laroi, etc
  • Speed Foundation Files and Creative Control Layers
  • Trap Drumkit with 116 One Shots
A Ketamine Therapy Da
Glimpse of Sunshine
Hangover Tuesday
Light at the End

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OG - Trap Drumkit

Drum loops and one shots that perfectly complement the Stay High Sample Pack:

  • Kicks, HiHats, Snares, Percs, Claps & 808's
  • 116 One Shots - Craft your own drum patterns with versatile hits and accents
UFO Clap
Rehab Kick
Caliente Perc
Bad Blood 808

999 - Juice WRLD Type Loops

Add emotion and a nostalgic, melancholic vibe to your beats, just like the legendary Juice WRLD did with his "secret weapon".

  • 12 Electric Guitar Loops
  • Creative Control Layers - Easily make exciting beats that hook listeners
  • Speed Foundation Files for each loop - Work faster, finish more beats, and boost your chances of selling
Always Stay High
Little Voodo

Alive - Emotional MIDI Melodies

Alive is a rich collection of midi emotional melody loops that will bring life to your track. Delight in the energy of each loop and create an immersive atmosphere that's sure to hook your listeners:

  • 5 MIDI melody loops
  • Just drag and drop to and create your signature emo trap soundscapes
  • You keep all your profits
Black Sheep
At Your Funeral
Dead or Alive

Galaxy - MIDI Melodies

This pack brings the heat. Light the fire for your productions and create awesome audio landscapes that will have your listeners hooked!

  • 7 Melody Loops packed with emotion
  • Ready to use in two clicks
  • Unlimited license
Muddy Emotions
Girl For Tonight
99.9 Juice

Roads - Sad MIDI Chords

This pack features 5 killer melody loops that will ignite your compositions with raw emotion:

  • 5 sad MIDI melody loops
  • Easy to use
  • You keep all the money you make from your beats
Fallen Angel
Blue Day
Bad Bitch

Wishing Well - Emo MIDI Pack

Ethereal, heart-tugging melodies you need to create beats that will leave your listeners wishing for more:

  • 5 MIDI Melody Loops
  • Perfect for emo trap
  • Post everywhere with unlimited streams
A Glimpse
73 Hours

Broken Promises - Emo Trap MIDI Pack

Craft heart-wrenching melodies and powerful trap beats.

  • 5 Emo Trap Melodies
  • Works in al DAWs and with all VSTs
  • Keep all the money from your placements
Anti Hero

Divide - Midi Melodies & Guitar Loops

These Emo MIDI Melody Loops are all about that iconic Juice WRLD emo trap sound:

  • 5 emotional midi melodies with guitars - All you need to get beats that are packed with emotion, depth, and authenticity
  • Creative Control Layers - Unlock the full potential of each loop
  • Speed Foundation Files for each loop - Combine everything faster than ever
Blown Speakers
A Bad Sign


MIDI files are one of the most versatile tools you can use in your music production:

  • Major and Minor MIDI Chords Library - Easily experiment with many chord options
  • MIDI Strummer Pack - Perfect for string instruments
  • 5000+ Files Total - A massive collection to fuel your creativity
$154 value

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Consistently finishing music is the key to success as a producer. By fastlaning the entire process using the speed foundation files, you'll be able to share your music with the world and truly make your mark.

Say goodbye to spending hours on the boring tasks, and start working smart to finish music lightning-fast.

This tool will get you miles ahead of other producers and gain a massive competitive edge – other producers won't be able to keep up with you.
Your music needs to impact people on a deep level. Create tracks that hook your listeners, making your friends and family beg for more of your tunes.

You know how frustrating producer's block can be. This bundle will help you avoid staring at an empty DAW.

Thanks to the creative control layers, you'll never feel stuck again. Set yourself up for success and discover your full potential as a music producer.
  • Complete pop punk essential sounds.

  • 100% Royalty Free, you get to keep ALL your profits.

  • If you don't love it, you can have your money back.

  • Just drag and drop to any DAW.

  • With the creative control layers and customization options, your beats will stand out from the rest.

  • Get on the fastlane and leave your competition behind.


Are these really royalty free?

COMPLETELY. No doubt about it. Every single penny from your beat profits is yours.

What licensing rights are included?

The license includes unlimited plays on streaming platforms Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc; beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, and similar marketplaces; placements with major artists, and everything else except reselling them as they are.

What if I use a DAW that is not very popular, or an online? Will these work?

All our files and loops play nice with ALL major DAWs. So you're free to create masterpieces seamlessly, whatever your software love may be!

Can I really make unique beats with these loops, or will my tracks end up sounding like everyone else's?

The loops have so many layers there's no chance of you sounding like someone else. They give you endless arrangement possibilities, you can create a sound that's distinctly yours.

I'm just starting out as a producer. Will this pack be too advanced for me to use?

Not at all! Actually they'll make your life easier. Drag, drop, and you're ready to roll. Our Speed Foundation Files come as handy guides to learn and up your game quickly. So, newbie or not, you're going to produce like a pro in no time!

I am a pro already, and I have my signature sound. Will these loops restrict my style or limit my creativity?

Not at all! Our loops are designed to enhance your creativity, not box it in. They're the perfect base to build on or add to your existing style. It’s all about giving you more tools to express your unique sound. The sheer variety of these loops ensures you'll find ways to incorporate them into your tracks - Plus, the Speed Foundation Files will help you in your workflow

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