What are Creative Control Layers?

The Creative Control Layers are the solution to bring your creative potential to life.

❌ No more beats that sound like everyone else's
❌ No more getting stuck in a loop
❌ No more being limited by a single loop
❌ No more boring beats

✅ Just pure creativity.


Now you have access to all the individual tracks of each loop. Some of the loops have up to 4 different guitar layers, so you have endless options to have fun while making music.

The Creative Control Layers give you freedom on how you use the loops.

For each layer, you'll get two variations:

  • "Wet" layers are processed tracks with effects.
  • "Dry"  are unprocessed and have the raw recording of the guitars, so you can add your own effects.

Having the these layers allows you to:

✅ Have full creative control when using loops
✅ Create unique beats
✅ Make arrangements faster
✅ Have more freedom to play around
✅ Add your own sauce

Watch the full tutorial:

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