What are MIDI Packs and why do you need one

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      • MIDI files work as the building blocks to your song, making everything else go faster.

      • MIDI files are like a translator between audio and computer lenguages..

      • MIDI packs are collections of these files that come with chords, chord progressions or melodies.

      • You can download our MIDI chord pack for just $29 and jumpstart your music production.


Every awesome song is built with a few building blocks: the structure, a few chord progressions, a percusive beat, a melody and some harmonies.

When you start making music it can definetly be intimidating  but luckily today there are many tools to help you bring your ideas to life and making great music.

If you've been staring at your DAW for a while without any results, MIDI packs can help you do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating music.

Another great strategy is begining with a song structure will help you have a starting point that is easy to follow and tweak to your liking. So, begin with this step, and if you’re having problems you can always try this song template generator.

For every other element, MIDI packs are a great tool because they make it easy to start without having to write everything from scratch, saving time when you're producing.

What is MIDI?

MIDI is a communication standard that allows all digital music gear to speak the same language. MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

It’s a protocol that allows computers, musical instruments and other hardware to communicate. A translator between the computer and the audio interfaces so to speak.
It was introduced in 1982 and it revolutionized the music industry.

What’s most important to remember is that MIDI never transmits an actual audio signal —it’s just information. That means that if a MIDI keyboard doesn’t have an onboard sound source like a synth or sampler, it won’t make any sound when you press the keys. What it will do is represent that note on your platform so that you can assign a sound after.

What are MIDI Packs?

MIDI packs are digital files that contain MIDI data that DAWs can read and turn into sounds.

The MIDI packs usually have chords, progressions, drums, harmonies or melodies in MIDI format that can be edited quickly. They can be used as the digital buiding blocks of music production. And they can help you overcome a few of the biggest headaches for producers.

MIDI packs are a useful tool for beginner and advaced producers alike. Beginners can use them to quickly start using more complex chords and melodies without having to wait to know everything about music theory; and more advaced producers can make their production workflows more streamlined to find inspiration and not lose time in the repetitive tasks of producing.

Also, they can help with structure and writing, jumpstart inspiration and defeat beat block, as well as helping you get the drum pattern right.

How do you make a MIDI chord pack?

Making a MIDI pack to have all the chords and chord progressions at hand when you need them is realtively simple. You simply need to open your DAW and write the information in your piano roll and export the file. That, multiplied by however number of files you want to have. You’ll also need some music theory knowledge to get everything right.

As you can imagine this is terribly time consuming. That’s why we’ve gone through that work for you and you can download our free midi chord pack

This is how you download MIDI packs

There are also thousands of melody creators sharing their midi packs, both free and paid if you need something more put together than chords and progressions, but usually a simple google search will provide many results.

Before downloading ready-made MIDI melodies it's best to experiment with a MIDI Chord pack that has all the chords and chord progressions to experiment freely and understand the tool.

MIDI packs are just a part of a journey that can help you get to where you want to be faster—so go ahead and download our MIDI Chord Pack, it's only $29 !


How to use the MIDI Chord Pack

Simply download the files and drag and drop into your DAW.

Listen. Repeat. Improve. Record.


Now go make some awesome music!

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