Keywords and trends: The secret tools to get ahead of the game


      • SEO is a smart way of posting your beats on marketplaces on social media. 
      • Staying on top of trends will give you an advantage. 
      • You'll need a Keyword Strategy. 
      • There are tools that you can use to get your SEO game right. 


All places where you post your beats (Beatstars, Youtube, TikTok, etc) use the words that you use in your title, description and tags to categorize and recommend your content to people who might be interested in hearing it. 

Leveraging this system is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) and it varies very little between platforms. 

You use the right keywords, your stuff gets viewed by more people who are interested in it. 


And “the right keywords” means a lot more than just picking out the ones that best describe your work. SEO is both science and art, but let’s dive into it. 

Effective SEO combines both the art of understanding your audience and the science of selecting keywords that strike a balance between high search volume and low competition to maximize your reach.

Starting Out: Choosing the Right Keywords

If you’re new to content creation or just beginning to grow your channel, it’s best to identify and target smaller keywords (meaning those with low search volume and low competition) to increase your chances of being discovered. By focusing on these niche keywords initially,  until you get the ball rolling and benefit from the compound effect of posting consistently and working smart. 

As you gain a stronger online presence, you can then begin targeting keywords with higher search volumes and competition. 

Identifying keywords with the potential to grow can be a winning strategy if executed correctly. Staying on top of trending topics and their related keywords is the best approach for skyrocketing your visibility. 

For example, last year I wrote an article titled “Juice WRLD is still alive” about how Juice WRLD was not dead because he was still present with releases after his death and also a ton of producers making Juice WRLD type beats, and now even more with the release of some ai vocal models; so in a way he was still with us through his influence.

A few months ago, a video that supposedly showed Juice ALIVE being followed by people on the street went viral, and so the search term “Is juice WRLD alive?” went up  to 14.800 searches per month. 

This caused the impressions (or views) that blog post had to skyrocket and jump to the first page of google.

Which got my post a lot of clicks!



Now for this example in particular I want to be fully transparent and tell you that it was not planned at all. But there is no reason it can’t be replicated intentionally. 


To get this right you’ll need to monitor trending topics or songs (tiktok is a great place for this), analyze the keywords related to that trend, create relevant beats for those keywords, and monitor their performance to tweak if necessary. 


By focusing on trending topics and their related keywords, you'll successfully tap into the pulse of your target audience, generating more interest and visibility for your beats. This strategic approach to SEO will elevate your online presence and position youas a leader.

Essential SEO Tools for Keyword Analysis

Now you may be wondering where am I getting all this data from?? 

To know what keywords to target you need the right tools to guide you. Below are the ones that I use, some are free and some are paid but even the free ones are a great way to guide your efforts. 

First let’s go through the free tools. 

They are both from Google, and they’re Google Trends and the Google Keyword Planner. 

  • Google Trends

In Google Trends you can search for anything and it will give you the interest of that specific term filtered by location and timeframe. This is a great tool to give you a general idea of what’s going on and related topics or keywords to explore.
For example, look how interest in Juice WRLD absolutely blew up around the time he died:

Or how interest in Destroy Lonely exploded after it’s tiktok viral song:


From here you can see what has potential to keep growing or is worth looking into. 

  • Google Keyword Planner

After that you can head on to the Google Keyword Planner. To use this you’ll need to have a google ads account, but there’s no need for you to run ads or anything,  you can just set it up in a few clicks with your gmail account. 


Unless you run paid google ads, ignore the last 3 columns on the right. 

But here you can get ideas for related keywords and the competition there is for it.

You’ll see it shows a very wide range of searches between 100K and 1M – that’s a 900.000 range!

It’s insane. 

We need something more specific. 

  • Keywords Everywhere

This is my absolute favorite tool. It shows you more specific data and you can incorporate it in both your google searches and YouTube. 

It will show you both the search volume, trends, related keywords and some cool youtube data all in one place.
I’ll stick to the Juice WRLD and Destroy Lonely keywords for this example. 

Keywords everywhere is not free, but it’s definitely very affordable. It costs $1 a month and you’ll get 100.000 credits which in my opinion is more than enough.

Actually half of my credits expired last year because I didn’t use them.

So I definitely recommend this small investment. 


  • Morning Fame

Morning Fame is a YouTube specific tool, and it has a whole lot of cool features to improve your channel not only with keywords but by helping you analyze your whole channel to replicate what worked before. 

Watch their tutorial, it will also help you structure your keyword research method even if you end up not using the app. 

Their basic plan is $4 a month. 


  • TubeBuddy

Tube buddy is an extension that will help you while you are uploading videos. Just like Keywords Everywhere, it shows data so you can choose the best titles and tags so your video has the best shot at ranking high. 


The basic plan is $2.80 per month.

This is not a sponsored post in any way, but as you can see, all these tools are pretty affordable and they are my go-to tools to have an idea of what has a better chance of working and what doesn’t. 

You’ll see that sometimes the numbers on each platform don’t match, so never take that data as sacred, they are all estimates, but will serve you as a guide. 

Capitalizing on Trend Analysis and Data-Driven Insights

When you mix an eye for rising trends with the data to back up your findings, you have a secret weapon that can get you light years ahead. This cool approach will enable you to adapt and grow in the ever-changing landscape of online music promotion.

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